Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Review

Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Review – Brings Down Hundreds Of Dollars In Funeral Costs

Every year, hundreds of families have to face the problem of funeral expenses which today are very heavy. No one expects to face it, but when it eventually happens, dependents of those who pass away due to a severe problem, old age or accidental are simply not able to deal with the cost. Save hundreds of dollars in funeral costs by looking into Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Plan.

Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Plan Benefits

The prime aim of this policy is to help out loved ones at a time of immense emotional distress. It helps control the cost of funerals thereby enabling them to manage at a time when they can no longer be provided for or have the policy holder passes away.

Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage
Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage

As the name suggests, the features of the policy is designed to provide an advantage to loved ones at the time of funeral expenses. Here is a look at the key benefits of opting for the Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage:

  • Policy can be obtained quickly as there is no need to take a medical exam
  • Application is simple with a few questions and can be completed fast
  • In the event of the policy owner passing away, nominees get enough money to pay for funeral expenses right away
  • Pay out from the policy s significant ad helps to over the entire funeral cost
  • In the event of a claim money can be obtained in 24 hours
  • Offer of $100000 additional cover is available wherein payout is made in the event of accidental passing away
  • Cash is paid to nominees within just 24 hours of the claim being approved
  • As long as the premium are paid the policy benefits can be gained and there is no rise in the premium cost
  • The policy offers whole life benefits up to $20000

This policy’s aim is to make it easy for Americans who are aged between forty and eighty five to not face any financial hardship when they have to deal suddenly with a loved one passing away.  While other insurance policies will require that you undergo an exam, this policy does not and even those with health problems can obtain it, thus bringing down the burden of final expenses for their loved one.

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company

When signing up for the policy, the policy holder can mention funeral type and final wishes, all of which will be kept confidential. At a time of emotional distress with a loved one passing away, the Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage offers a 24 hours toll free number that can be called up for assistance and advice.

Once the company has been notified of the policy holder passing away, they immediately arrange payout against the claim application and offer three different funeral homes for price comparison. Over the years, this company has helped families save millions of dollars on funeral costs.