Funeral Cover For Extended Family Members Over 70 to 80

Funeral Cover For Extended Family Policy

An extended family member can range from parents to a domestic worker. Extended family members are those in life who you think needs a proper burial, which is ensured by a funeral cover.

Not only immediate family but also aunts, uncles, and grandchildren can also be considered as extended family, and can also be covered by extended family policy over 80. A domestic worker can also be covered under the extended family funeral plan. Visit for more information.

Funeral Cover For Extended Family
Funeral Cover For Extended Family

Funeral Cover For Extended Family Members

Basics of Funeral Cover

Some of the basics you need to know, before you take up a funeral cover includes the following:

  • A family funeral plan will pay huge sum of money over to the next of kin in the event of a death in the family.
  • The huge sum of money is doubled if the main member or the one who took the policy passes away, ensuring the family is taken care of.
  • The money received after the death of a loved one is used for covering the expenses of the arrangements for the funeral.

Extended Family Funeral Planning

It covers the cost of a funeral in the extended family so that the family need not worry about the expense of a funeral while grieving.

What Are You Covered For?

Knowing who is covered is one thing, but to know what they are covered for is also important. The costs drastically depending on the coffin, service, etc. Some other essentials that you need to consider for a funeral:

  • A big part of the funeral is catering. Feed the mourners before and after the funeral is essential, which might be covered.
  • The extended family funeral plan will help pay for placing the deceased in a funeral home prior to the burial.
  • You can be able to cover not only immediate family, but also extended family too.

Funeral Cover Benefits

  • Serves as a full life cover for an extended family with a little amount per month being paid. It all depends on the plan taken.
  • Age related concessions might also be provided by the company where you took up the policy.
  • Waiting periods are 6 months for immediate and 12 months for extended family is in case of natural death.
  • It has some extra benefits, such as paying for travel, groceries and tombstone benefits.

What Isn’t Covered By The Funeral Policy?

Most of the policy holders know what they got covered, but what they aren’t covered for is always a question.

Here are some instances where the family funeral cover for senior citizens will not pay for:

  • When people insured die performing or involved in a criminal act.
  • If there was civil riots or commotion of some sort, there will not be any funeral cover in the event of death.
  • Sometimes fraudulent claims happens in the system in order to claim for funeral cover.
    o This means that if the claim for a death has not happened, the policy will be cancelled and will be reported.
  • When consecutive premiums are missed, the policy will lapse and you will not be paid.

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